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    Fred Watts


    So I just bought to brand new JBL LSR305. I’ve got the two xlr cables running out the back into an old Puoneer DJM400. For some reason I’m getting crackily/distorted gross sounds coming from the speakers when it is running through the mixer. I tested it yesterday with an adapter going straight in to the aux for my phone/laptop and had no disorder/cracking sound. It just seems to happen when the mixer is hooked up to control the sound. Can anyone help here? I’m an absolute noob and really want this fixed. I’ve done some research and I’m reading dirty electricity? Wifi interference? Or maybe poorly grounded though surely this is something that can’t be too hard to fix. Cheers


    “…into an old Pioneer DJM400.”

    I suspect the mixer is your problem. It may require servicing, or at least a good cleaning. Would also be a good idea to check the cables just to make sure it isn’t one of them with the issue.


    Rob S

    Are they all sharing the same power point? You want everything coming from the same circuit ideally, or more specifically, earthed via the same means. Different circuits will likely mean a small difference in earth loop impedance which can give small differences in working voltage and cause interference. My speakers/amps share the same plug socket as the mixers.



    Old DJM 400 – there is your problem right there

    The DJM400 had most of its connections not really well isolated and the print of the boards were also pretty open and close to other circuits. Hence it is prone to get crackling during usage especially from faders and knobs.
    Some of it can sometimes be mitigated by WD40 spray and patient disassembly and cleaning, but the time comes where faders and knob connectors are just too corroded to be any good. To replace those however is most of the time more expensive than the used mixer itself, hence why they are going so cheap.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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