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    Sorry folks i haven’t been active in a while as have been learning graphic design and photography… I’ve kinda been thinking, with the music that i listen to, that I’m too old for the club scene and that i should stick with mobile work, and use the graphics and photography skills that I’ve learned as part of a part time mobile dj business…

    Another thing i was going to ask, would i be able to play the odd song like this at mobile events…


    DJ Vintage

    My personal experience you can play just about anything at mobile events, provided it “fits”. This is clearly a slow dancing song, so you’d have to pack it properly. I am not sure if I’d go through the trouble for this particular song, but then I wouldn’t for 99% of slow dancing songs as slow dancing seems to have “died” altogether here, where is was a once-an-hour thing back in the day.

    But I have played Hooked On Classics: Waltzes for example with great success, but only because it just fit the night perfectly. On another night it might have just gotten me a lot of funny looks, head-shaking, shoulder-shrugging and people heading for the bar.

    So, personally I’d keep this one in my listen to at home pile (well not me, as I am not particularly fond of this music movie stuff, so you in this case LOL) as it most likely will never become a mainstay track in your collection/sets.

    Just my three cents as usual.


    Isaiah Furrow

    I play a few “oldies” on occasion, at wedding receptions earlier in the program when grandmas and grandpas are still around… or for a 50th, 60th birthday, or an older couple’s anniversary… I’m not familiar with this particular song, but it could work with the right “folks”… best of luck to ya!
    I’m not a graphic artist, but I also enjoy photography as a hobby…. I’ll have to look in the non-DJ section of the forum to see if there is a photography thread… Take lots of gig photos!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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