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    Hi! I’m new here, been enjoying some of the youtube offerings and thought you guys might have some thoughts/advice on this:

    I’d like to put together a setup in which I can:
    – play live instrumentally (mostly clarinet/sax)
    – insta-record and remix/scratch what I played
    – incorporate (once I’ve er.. practiced.. a lot..) more classic turntablism techniques (scratch, beat juggling etc)
    – make it fun for me and anyone who fancies listening

    In theory have everything I need except the controller. I learnt on an NS7ii and psychologically feel attached to those motorised platters but I don’t have access to that anymore and at least for now, even if money was no object, it’s just too much space and weight for me (I live in a van but that’s another story – a happy one, I’m in the circus).

    So I’m trying to decide on my controller and have narrowed down to:
    – a new Reloop Terminal Mix 8
    – a 2nd hand ddj-sx or possibly SX2 (I found 1 second hand SX2 but no reply from seller yet so seems unlikely)
    – I *could* get a shiny new SX2 but as much as I like the idea of pretty coloured pads, I’m not sure I can justify it at double the price. I’m sure I’d use Flip if I had it but I also don’t think I’d lie awake at night crying about not having it ha. Better mic input obviously interesting but I’ll likely end up using a dedicated interface for those so it’s pretty irrelevant.
    Currently leaning towards the reloop thanks to lauded-for-scratch platters and I can go pick it up anytime in a shiny new box with free software (I lost Serato – and whole laptop – thanks to a lactose-beverage related incident)
    Being currently in rural Denmark it’s nigh on impossible to go and hands on test which is very frustrating. Even the local(ish) recommended ‘showroom’ don’t actually have any on show…

    Afaik, all these potentially should play nice being mapped to Live? I presume there will be no issue in having the controller mapped to both Serato and Live at the same time. Not done that before but I can’t see why it shouldn’t work. I’m interested in trying the Stagecraft Scratch Track plugin too. Hoping to maybe map decks 3-4 to Live for that stuff.

    So my flow would be something like this:


    Any thoughts? I know I can’t be thinking up anything new here I’m just struggling to find much info on workflow of the other people incorporating these elements.


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    I’ll leave this one for our house gury on complicated integrated musical environment, the venerable mr. Terry_42



    Okay! Excited to hear a Venerable’s thoughts 😀

    As an addition, I’m also now considering finding a cheaper controller (4channel though) and getting a PT-01 Scratch because damn that a cool, nice – price loot item! That way I can also afford to nit be so concerned about the scratchability of the controller I buy (although beat juggling is still a ‘concern’)



    I think your mapping should turn out fine this way. It could get a little comlpicated with the loopback and syncing with Ableton, but since trying this you are not a newbie, you should find out all the quirks as sometimes Ableton can be a bit on the picky side with configs.
    I agree the reloop has extremely nice turntable like jogs, with a good profile and rollback. I did not like the SX jogs (which I guess are the same on the SX2) that mutch, they just had too much drag for me.
    However I also totally love the jogs on my MCX8000 or the MC 7000. Denon just delivers a notch above reloop quality wise and I really love those controllers.
    Now if you really need Midi-time-sync between Ableton and Serato, be sure to read the articles found on the Serato.com forum.
    I actually do not use time-sync I just do it by ear 🙂

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