10 Stocking Stuffers For DJs Under $100

Joey Santos
Read time: 3 mins
Last updated 11 March, 2024

Christmas is right around the corner and the shops are packed with folk doing their last minute shopping before the big day. Have some more names to tick off your gift list, but want to avoid the crowds and further holiday stress? Check out our stocking stuffers below and order from the comfort of your own home.

10 Stocking Stuffers

1. Hercules Starlight controller for Serato DJ

Hercules’ latest controller is a tiny two-channel device for Serato DJ that you can stuff into your backpack for DJing on the go with a laptop. It’s got an audio interface onboard so you can plug your headphones and speakers to it, and it also has a transparent base with lights that pulse while you’re spinning.

Price: US$79

2. UDG Ultimate Waist Bag

One for all the hypebeasts (hypebeats?) out there: just as functional as a Supreme fanny pack and exponentially cheaper too. This waist bag can carry your daily drivers including a smartphone, USB stick, wallet, cards and even a pair of headphones.

Price: US$50
Buy it now: UDG Ultimate Waist Bag

3. Teenage Engineering Pocket Operator synth

Teenage Engineering keeps pumping out these tasty little analogue synths that look like calculators. The latest Metal Series collection features a vocal synth, drum machine and sampler that fit in the palm of your hand. Plug in a bunch of these and call your friends over for a synth jam over eggnog!

Price: US$89
Buy it now: Teenage Engineering Pocket Operator

4. Nintendo Labo Variety Kit for Nintendo Switch

Nintendo made waves earlier this year with a relatively lo-fi accessory for its next-gen Switch console. The Variety Kit includes a cardboard piano, among others, that you can use to play with the included apps. If anything, a great music-related excuse to get yourself a Nintendo Switch this Christmas.

Price: US$69

5. The Music: A Novel Through Sound By Matthew Herbert

One of the most respected DJ/producers ever has just put out his first book that’s a delightful and intellectual look at the current sonic landscape we live in. Great introspective reading for those long cold winter nights.

Price: US$15
Buy it now: The Music: A Novel Through Sound by Matthew Herbert

6. Akai MPK Mini MkII Midi keyboard

This two-octave mini-keyboard controller is an oldie but still a goodie. Small enough to fit on top of your bedroom studio desk, and light enough to be taken along trips and gigs. We’ve got one in DDJT HQ, one in our production studio, one in Joey’s home studio… basically the “Swiss Army Knife” of keyboard controllers today.

Price: US$99

7. Alpine PartyPlug hearing protection

This new series of ear plugs from Alpine come in a flat case that you can store in your pocket. They’re made for the dancefloor and have a high noise reduction rating (up to 25dB), plus they’re cheap enough to replace if you lose them! Buy two pairs if you’re a gigging DJ or you plan on gifting them to a weekly raver.

Price: US$15

8. DJ Techtools Chroma Cables

Who doesn’t need more cables? These are tough and designed to stand the rigours of gigging, plus they come in different colours that you can mix and match according to taste. Comes in both audio and USB varieties.

Price: US$9
Buy it now: DJ Techtools Chroma Cables

9. Magma x DJ City USB case

This limited-edition clamshell case stores your thumb drives, SD cards, in-ear monitors, calling cards and other small DJ items. Perfect for gigging DJs who want to turn up to the club with just the essentials and a minimum of fuss.
Price: US$25
Buy it now: Magma x DJ City USB Case

10. Turntable Slipmats from Turntablelab

While serving a practical and protective purpose, slipmats also let you add more character and style to your turntable set-up. An easy pick for DVS and scratch DJs, and you can even gift them to vinyl-loving hipsters (check first if they actually have a deck 😉 ).

Price: from US$15
Buy them now: Turntable Slipmats


You don’t have to shell out some serious cash to get something cool for yourself this Christmas. And while it’s true that it’s the thought that counts, giving something that the DJ in your life would use makes the gift even sweeter (and shows that you actually care!).

Any other stocking stuffers that you’d like to add to this list? Do so in the comments below.

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