What Do You Use To Play Music At Home?

Phil Morse | Read time: 2 mins
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Last updated 15 November, 2017


Home hi-fi

Today I’d like to find out what your sound system is at home – that is to say, what you use to listen to music away from your DJ controller or home studio.

For some of you that may be the same thing, but I guess for many of you, you have a DJ practice area in your bedroom, or in another room, and then you have another audio system in your living room or for your family. Maybe you’re at college and in shared accommodation, and have something you all use in a common area? It’s that audio system that I’m interested in! Do you use a home cinema system? Do you have a traditional “hi fi” that you maybe also have your TV wired through? Do you have an AirPlay or Bluetooth wireless system? A single room-filling Bose-style seaker/amp?

For me, all my “pro” DJ gear is in the Digital DJ Tips workshop (which is not where I live), so at home we have a stereo system in the living room (a Denon hi-fi mini separates set-up from a few years back, actually) with bookshelf speakers. It has an Apple AirPort plugged into it so it can be used to stream music from (usually) my iPhone, and it’s also used as the TV sound system for watching films etc. The only time the CD ever gets used nowadays is to listen to children’s songs that my two-year-old boy brings home with him from nursery!

How about you? What’s your “main” non-DJing sound system? The reason I’m asking is that we may cover some good consumer hi-fi gear of the type that appeals to DJs in a round-up later on this year, and I’d like to get a sense of what other DJs are using and what you like/don’t like so I can focus in on the right kind of stuff.

So, over to you. Let us know what you listen to tunes on at home when you’re not practising your DJing, in the comments below…

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