Last updated 14 November, 2017


If you’re a DJ who wants to start producing your own music, or if you’ve started but can’t finish (it’s OK, it’s very normal!), you really need to watch today’s video interview with veteran DJ/producer and music coach, Mike Monday. Following on from Mike’s posts this week, which were some the most-read on the website in months, Mike chats to me candidly about what’s really required to start – and finish – making your own music, and where so many people go wrong. He also tells us more about his free training videos and book (find out how to get them below).

What to do next…

Go to this page to find out more about Mike’s free video training and to get your instant free PDF of Mike’s seven secrets, as discussed in the interview.

Has this interview inspired you to have a go at producing your own tunes? do you have any questions for Mike or me on what we discussed? Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments.

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