7 Tips For Getting Your DJ Sets Noticed On Mixcloud

Andreea Magdalina | Read time: 3 mins
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Last updated 26 March, 2018


Some of the categories on Mixcloud. Ensuring your mix appears in the right search results is an essential factor if you want the right people to notice it.

Do you regularly create mixes, podcasts or radio shows? If you’re a DJ, you’ll probably know we have always recommended Mixcloud as a great place to upload them: It’s completely legal, and designed from the ground up to help DJs get their mixes or shows out there. Just creating a basic profile (though important) isn’t enough, though. You need to work a little harder to get your awesome content heard out there in the big wide world.

So as part of our research for our forthcoming Digital DJ Masterclass video course, we asked Andreea Magdalina, Head of Commmunity at Mixcloud, to give us some pointers. Today we’ve summarised seven steps from Andreea, that you can use right away to help you to get your mixes noticed once you’ve uploaded them to to Mixcloud. (Indeed, many are also relevant wherever you share content online online.) So, over to you Andreea:

1. Tag your mixes!
Possibly one of the most important things to promote mixes on Mixcloud is that you learn how to tag. What that does is putting a stamper on your mixes to ensure that people searching for a certain type of music find you. It’s like the label for a package they have yet to open. So, make sure you cover all genres, artists and key elements of the mix. Make sure your mix is tagged with at least two or three music genre tags – it’s the first thing people look at to decide whether it’s their cup of tea.

2. Add a timestamped tracklist
Similar to tags, tracklisting ensures that people looking for a specific type of content will actually find you. This can be done in several ways. There’s pre-written links, an in-built Juno collaboration, in-built ways to add your Serato or Traktor info, or the old fashioned way of manual entry. The key point is that whatever method you choose to enter this info, you should make sure it’s correct!

The area in the green dotted line shows how your tracklisting will appear on the service once all the info is added.

Timestamping can enhance this step, as you can see in this example. By telling people where a song or sample enters, it makes it easier for them to discover the music they love, and in doing so, makes you mix “stickier”.

3. Pick a great profile picture
Imagery is a powerful thing. As one of the first things people notice, if it’s missing or its quality is poor, people won’t click on the mix. Make your imagery strong, bold and ensure that it represents you! A strong brand means a stronger connection. A good example is Carl Cox. Consistency is key with his images. Using the same template, he alters the image every week. This can be done simply using PhotoShop or other editing software. If it’s recognisable, it will get that desired clickthough.

4. Write a compelling description
So, you have visitors on your Cloudcast page, now what? You have their initial attention but if the doubt is still there, they may need the extra push. That extra push can be provided through a good description.

Don’t talk on too much but provide your visitors with the initial pull points. Highlight the key elements and exclusive or unique parts of you or your mix and don’t forget the most important part: add links to your other channels. It’s important that you make it easy for people to find you elsewhere on the web without having to Google your name separately.

5. Be consistent
Consistency is key to someone coming back again and again, not only developing loyalty but also becoming an ambassador for you. If they trust in you to produce regular content that they enjoy consuming, they will subscribe and become a fan.

Chris Coco’s Melodica is consistent in all kinds of ways weekly uploads time, show format, imagery. It all help to keep people coming back and spreading the word.

It is consistency that gets someone to come back for more because they know when to be there. The more you give to them, the more they will give back to you. Look at Chris Coco’s Melodica for example. His shows are uploaded weekly and have a uniform title and image – which makes it easy for his fans to recognise his content on the site.

6. Use your social media channels
If your followers know when it’s coming, you have a fanbase which can be used as a tool to get the word out. Use them to share your material. This can be enhanced by engaging on social media. This too applies to you. Make sure your Facebook and Twitter accounts are connected to your profile. Soulection do this really well and they also include links to their guests’ social media profiles. This ensures everybody involved gets their share of media exposure and that the shout out you’re hunting for is only a click away.

7. Be the community
Content is king right? While that is true, it’s not enough. On top of producing top-notch content you must also prove that you are part of a community, that you support your peers so that they support you back. Make sure you go on other users’ profiles, check out their Cloudcasts, favourite them and leave comments if you expect them to do the same. What you give is what you get.

• Andreea Magdalina is the Head of Community at Mixcloud. You can catch her on Twitter at @amagdalina.

Do you have any tips to share on getting people to listen to your online mixes, o Mixcloud or anywhere else? Have you had any particular successes (or failures)? Please share your experiences in the comments below.

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