NAMM 2014: Exclusive Denon DJ MC6000 MkII Talkthrough

Phil Morse | Read time: 2 mins
Last updated 8 November, 2017


We got a chance to see the new Denon DJ MC6000 MkII “in the flesh” for the first time in Denon’s private suite. A 19″ rackmount-sized controller with excellent mic channels and a full four-channel standalone mixer, the big changes in MkII over the Denon DN-MC6000 are a cleaner layout and of course Serato DJ compatibility (Serato really is becoming the catchphrase here at NAMM 2014.

Our video shows you up close how it looks and feels, and read on for our analysis of its strengths, weaknesses and who may want this unit.

Hands-on impressions

So it’s mobile DJ-focused, through and through. Metal built. Small and portable. Great mic channels (built-in echo and ducking, two full EQ sections on the mics). Four full standalone mixer channels in addition to the software channels, with an improved switching matrix to configure them. At a low price of US$699 recommended, it cuts some corners which appear minor but may irk some: Some of the four-colour buttons are now two colour, there’s no EQ on the booth out, the record out has gone, and there are no rack mounts actually included (though they’re available if you want them).

But the bonuses are that it’s now tightly mapped and tied to Serato in a way the old one wasn’t to Traktor/Virtual DJ (at least not as well). The mirrored decks with pitch faders bottom left/right make much more sense. The video/audio switch on the crossfader works well with Serato’s video plugin.

Also, it only comes with Serato DJ Intro; you need to pay the full $139 to get Serato DJ. This might not actually be a bad thing, because a mobile DJ wanting to make the switch to digital can buy this, use Serato DJ on two channels while retaining CDJs or ewhatver on the other two, then when/if they decide to make the full switch, switch to full four-channel serato by dropping the upgrade fee.

Having seem this and our early analysis, what do you think, either as a potential first-time owner or a current owner of the MC6000? Please share your thoughts below.

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