ADJ Expands Inno Pocket Series With Roll And Scan Models

Joey Santos | Read time: < 1 min
ADJ lighting
Last updated 19 December, 2014


Inno Pocket
ADJ’s Pocket series of lighting is the more compact version of their respective full-sized counterparts, perfect for gigging DJs looking for a cost-effective lighting solution.

Two new additions to American DJ’s compact and affordable Inno Pocket line of LED lighting were released this week. The new Inno Pocket Scan and Inno Pocket Roll inherit the same characteristics of the Inno Pocket series: scaled-down body for easy storage, weight reduction for portability, and an attractive price tag.

The Inno Pocket Scan and Inno Pocket Roll scanners join the Inno Pocket Spot, which is a compact moving head. Moving heads are the types of lights that you see in front of and behind the DJ in large clubs (the ones that shoot light that look like lightsabers that stretch to the ceiling). Scanners can also produce that kind of lighting, although with more speed, variations and effects.

Inno Pocket
ADJ’s Inno Pocket series means you can setup your own lighting rig like the big boys without breaking the bank (and your back!). Pictured on the left is the Inno Pocket Spot.

The takeaway here is that these types of lights (moving heads and scanners) are the same ones used to create the awe-inspiring light shows you see in all the big festivals and mega clubs, and thanks to the Inno Pocket series, you can now have that same type of lighting at a smaller scale and at a fraction of the cost: By linking multiple Inno Pocket Scan, Roll, and Spot units together, you can create a cost-effective lighting rig that you can take with you to even the smallest of bar gigs and, thanks to their automated features, you don’t even need to bring a lighting technician along!

• The Inno Pocket Scan and Inno Pocket Roll are available now for US$199 each.

Have you been contemplating on building your own mobile light rig for your gigs, but have always been put off by price and size? Do these fit your budget, and if so, would you now like to have a go at lighting? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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