Pioneer Teases New DVS Midi Scratch Mixer

Phil Morse | Read time: < 1 min
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Last updated 4 August, 2015


Does GND mean a ground pole, suggesting this is a DVS unit? Could be…

Pioneer has released an extremely sparse video that appears to be teasing a brand-new two-channel DVS scratch mixer designed to work with DJ software, complete with cues, loops and FX control. The release date is given as 6 August 2015, which is this Thursday.

We can guess from the video that the unit has vinyl control (hence the “GND” shot), mixing capability, RGB pads and effects, and possible a sampler too (hinting at compatibility with the new complete Rekordbox software). The use of the word “battle” in the video title suggests scratch mixer, again, pointing at DVS (remember, Pioneer has its PLX-1000 turntables now, too). The unnamed DJ (Jazzy Jeff?) says it’s “like a 909 on steroids…”, so this could be like an”everything but the jogs” device (there’s no sign of jogwheels).

It’s also interesting to note that Serato published this on its Facebook Page – maybe hinting at it working not only with the new version of Rekordbox, but Serato (and possibly Traktor?) DVS, as well.

Anyway, below are the video itself, and our painstakingly compiled gallery of all the best bits. Feel free to speculate in the comments…

Pioneer’s video

Our gallery

So what do you think? All singing, all dancing mixer? All-in-one controller? DVS compatibility? Big software controller for the new Rekordbox software that’s coming? Please share your thoughts below!

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