7 Videos That Will Change Your Mind About Controller Scratching

Phil Morse | Read time: 2 mins
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Last updated 28 March, 2018


Dj scratching
Jogwheels? Performance pads? Software? Nah, you need vinyl to scratch like a pro – right? Find out whether or not that’s true in these seven videos…

So you can’t scratch properly on DJ controllers? Those jogwheels are too small, the feeling just isn’t right? You simply have to use real vinyl, or it’s not worth it? Take a look at these seven videos, that might just change your mind…

The Magnificent Seven…

1. DJ Sara freestyle scratch with djay Pro and Reloop Beatpad 2

She’s doing the above on a laptop, but it’s just as easy using the same software on an iPad. Yup, scratching using a controller and iPad. Or laptop. Whatevs.

2. Steve Canueto on the smallest jogwheels in the world

We got the smallest DJ controller we could find, with the smallest jogwheels anywhere, and set up our Scratch expert Steve Canueto on it. Above is what happened.

3. D-Styles Controller vs vinyl scratch battle

Close your eyes and see if you can honestly tell which DJ is using a consumer DJ controller and which is using the pro set-up on vinyl.

4. LigOne Routine with Serato Pitch Play on Denon DJ MCX8000

One of the joys of scratching using software not real vinyl is that it can let you do things you can’t do the old way, like in the video above.

5. DJ Angelo in Reloop Beatpad for Djay 2

So you didn’t believe us when we mentioned the iPad and scratching? Here’s Digital DJ Tips collaborator DJ Angelo smashing it out of the water on iOS.

6. DJ Zo on Traktor Kontrol S4 with EOM on Maschine

No turntables in sight on this Berlin rooftop as our hip heroes throw down some seriously out-there beats on Native Instruments DJ and production gear.

7. Steve Canueto on the Denon DJ MC4000

Beloved of mobile DJs, you might not think that Denon DJ’s MC4000 controller would be up for some turntablism action. In the video above, our very own Steve Canueto finds out the truth…

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What do you think? Up for learning some scratching on your controller? Excited by the stuff you can do on controllers but not on vinyl? Or was it “great in 88”, and everything’s been downhill ever since? 😀 Let us know your thoughts in the comments…

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