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Last updated 5 April, 2018


BPM|PRO 2016
We round up other fun bits and pieces that we found on the BPM|PRO 2016 floor in this article.

That’s it for this year’s BPM|PRO DJ Show here in Birmingham. There were a few cool surprises (eg the Roland DJ-808 and Reloop Mixon 4), and Pioneer DJ unloaded a trove of new gear for everyone to check out and get hands-on with at the show. Apart from the talkthroughs, we’ve got one more piece for you, which is this Best Of The Rest roundup that gathers other interesting bits and bobs from the show floor…

The Best Of The Rest

STB-EP 45 Adapter


If you like DJing with vinyl 45s, we spotted this cool little adapter – what you do is you place it on top of your turntable’s spindle so you can play a 45 record (they have larger centre holes than normal records, for those of you who aren’t familiar). What’s neat about it is that it comes with a gauge at the top of the adapter which tells you if your player’s on a level surface or not.

Roland TT-99 and DJ-99


We wrote about this scratch DJ pairing, and while there’s nothing new about it, the turntable and mixer combo could appeal to die hard Roland TR-909 fans since it carries the legendary drum machine’s colourway.

UDG DJM-2000 Flight Case

UDG Case

UDG has a new line of flight cases out with a cool exterior, and the one we spotted at the stand was for Pioneer DJ’s former flagship mixer.

Panasonic Airquake Bass


The Panasonic Airquake Bass is a Bluetooth boombox that comes with USB inputs for plugging in thumb drives filled with music, as well as 2GBs of internal memory for storing songs that you can play via a smartphone app. It’s got a “jogwheel” on top of the unit that lets you add “scratch” and sound FX to whatever’s pumping out of the system. Gimmicky, but if you must have a DJ-related speaker for your living room, this is one to consider.

UDG Controller Hardcases

UDG Bags_2


Zippered clamshell cases for new gear that came out in 2016 were also on display at the UDG stand.

DJ-Themed Couches


These DJ-themed couches were on display at the Dynamic Distribution stand. I want one for my home studio (Check out the dual CD players at the top. That’s what spinning CDs was like before the advent of the modern CDJ.)

Mixars Cut Scratch Mixer

Mixars Cut

We just reviewed the Mixars Duo two-channel Serato DJ battle mixer, and then we saw this other scratch mixer from the company. The Mixars Cut is an affordable analogue scratch mixer with a Mini Innofader, a three-band EQ, and a mic input, but this time without a USB sound card built-in. It clocks in at just under US$249.

Lightconsole Portable Booths


There were various LiteConsole models on display at this year’s show, and we think they’d appeal to mobile DJs looking for a professional, portable booth that’s easy to set up and strike down night after night.

Decksaver Covers


No DJ show would be complete without a plethora of new Decksaver covers. The company has got new pieces for DJ and production gear like the Denon DJ MCX8000, the new Korg Electribe models, the Pioneer DJ Toraiz SP-16 sampler, and more.

Korg Nanocontrol Studio Series


We spotted two new pieces of production gear at the Korg stand. The Nanocontrol Studio has eight faders, knobs, and a rotary scrub control for navigating your digital audio workstation. The Nanokey Studio is a two-octave controller with a touch pad, eight drum pads, and eight knobs for taking control of soft synths and plugins.

Pioneer DJ PLX-500 USB Turntable

Pioneer PLX

Pioneer DJ’s new PLX-500 turntable comes with a USB output for ripping vinyl straight to your laptop. It’s lighter than its big brother the PLX-1000, and comes in at around half the price as well.

Bose L1

The Bose L1 is a portable, slim PA speaker and subwoofer system that fits in the back of your car and is easy to assemble and strike down, especially if you do all the setting up yourself.

What else did we miss? Did you spot something that would be of interest to our community? Let us know in the comments below, we’d love to know!

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