Friday Roundup: Frankie Knuckles & The Roots Of House Music

Phil Morse | Read time: < 1 min
Last updated 9 December, 2016


The late Frankie Knuckles: Without him, house music would not have become what it is today.

The Christmas party season is kicking off, and whether you’re DJing at one or attending one this weekend (I’m going to one for a change, no working for me), stay safe – it’s gonna be a long haul to new year! Oh, here’s what we’ve been reading this week out and about there on our favourite sites…

  1. Frankie Knuckles & The Roots Of House Music – Watch a cool little film documenting what happened when drum machines, hip hop and disco fused into house music back in the 80s. tvone has it Watch film
  2. Spotify Pulls Out Of Talks To Acquire SoundCloud – Streaming giant fears buying SoundCloud would affect its bid to go public. Via TechCrunch Read more
  3. The 20 Best Mixes Of 2016 – According to Thump, anyway, There’s bound to be at least one here that grabs your attention Read more
  4. Beatport Launches Best Of Year Poll, Voted By DJs – Or at least, by registered members of the service, which roughly amounts to the same thing. Should be a bit less social numbers-driven than the usual polls Read more
  5. Required Viewing: 11 Movies every DJ Must Watch – A well curated and explained list of stuff to binge on over the forthcoming festivities. Props to The DJ Hookup for these Read more
  6. The Harsh Truth Of DJ Handovers – Mixmag shows you what the DJ taking over from you is really thinking and feeling. You gonna be the good guy in all of this? Read more

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