Friday Roundup: Why Technics Is Turning Its Back On DJs

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Friday roundup
Last updated 13 January, 2017


Nice turntable, but Technics’ new “half price” SL1200GR (read: $2000) is not aimed at DJs, says the company.

Welcome to our first full Friday Roundup of 2017. From kids raving with vegetables to news of Technics’ new turntable, from DJing at yoga classes to the lifesaving powers of the art, we’ve got a lot to tempt you with this week, as we round up all that’s weird and wonderful from the DJing and dance music world this last seven days…

  1. Why Technics Is Turning Its Back On DJs – Straight from the horse’s mouth, Technics maker Panasonic explain why its latest turntable is not primarily aimed at the DJ community. The New York Times reports Read more
  2. Salad Raving: The New Dance Craze – Yup, it seems that in these days of junk food and processed, pre-packed meals, the kids are rebelling and an underground scene has formed around eating fresh fruit and veg… the BBC has it Watch video
  3. The Drum & Bass Gym – This has to be a joke, right? Surely this isn’t really the new big fitness franchise? Found on Facebook… Watch video
  4. Moby Turns Down Chance To DJ At Donald Trump’s Inauguration – Thump reports how his response was simply “hahahahaha” Read more
  5. How To DJ A Yoga Class – Yes, this stuff really happens. Or at least, it does in California… DJ TechTools has the proof Read more
  6. Top DJ Pools 2017 – Here’s something potentially much more useful, again from DJTechTools… Read more
  7. How Accidentally Becoming A DJ Saved My Life – Our very own Joey Santos tells how DJing rescued him from a fate too terrible to contemplate, over on Medium… Read more

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