Friday Roundup: How To Turn Your Hobby Into A Career

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Friday roundup
Last updated 1 April, 2017


Mixmag dishes out the advice on what to do when DJing or producing part time isn’t enough any more, and you’re ready to take the next step…

So you’re unable to get DJing out of your mind, period. You’ve started making music and it’s all you want to do for the rest of your life. You feel like throwing caution to the wind and saying “if not now, when?” It sounds like you want to turn your hobby into a career. Mixmag has some advice for you in this week’s Friday Roundup.

  1. 7 Industry Tips For New Artists Who Want To Turn Their Hobby Into A Career – Mixmag dishes out the tough love about taking your DJing or producing full time Read more
  2. 3 Reasons Why Being A DJ Will Help Make You A Better Producer – It’s something we bang on about all the time, and now BPM Supreme is pitching in too Read more
  3. 35 Tracks that Will Save Any Set On Any Dancefloor – We don’t normally favour such lists (after all, these lists are different the world over), but this Spotify playlist is pretty universal Read more
  4. 21 Great Free Sample Packs For Producers – You don’t need to shell out lots of money to make music. Here is where to get sounds for free. Via Fact Read more
  5. Is Nightlife Actually A CIA Plot? – Generally when clickbait articles ask a question, the answer is “no”, but decide for yourself. Thump has it Read more
  6. Playing For The Crowd vs Playing For Yourself – It’s a fine line sometimes, but DJ TLM thinks it’s poossible to walk it. DJ City reports Read more

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