“Scared To Start” – Episode 1 Of Our DJ School Vlog Is Here

Last updated 9 November, 2018


We’ve started a new weekly Learn to DJ vlog, where I’m sharing our journey as we make something brand new called “The Complete DJ Course” – the most ambitious DJ tutorial course Digital DJ Tips has ever offered to its students.

More about the course in good time: The point is that it is going to take nine months for us to make it, and so I’m going to vlog every week with my best tips from the week’s filming.

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Expect little secrets, nuggets and surprising insights that can help any DJ get better. Plus some “behind the scenes” stuff around how this kind of thing gets done here at Digital DJ Tips. I’m really excited to get started on this (and a little anxious)!

Week one… getting organised

So – we’re starting the vlog with advice on getting organised for success.

I was speaking to a superstar/pro DJ the other day (someone who loves to teach as well), and he was telling me that he’s amazed how many bright and successful people who want to be DJs forget everything they’ve learned in their lives and work lives so far when they start out DJing!

He was saying that he’s tried to help lots of people become DJs, but finds that while they may have worked hard every day on a career, or a family, or starting a business, as soon as they decide they want to DJ, all that sensible stuff about planning and hard work and commitment and baby steps goes out the window.

Instead, they just mix like crazy, tell everyone they’re a DJ… and wonder why the years go by and nothing goes right for them.

There’s a better way. We dive into it in this vlog.


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