Pioneer DJ Updates Android Rekordbox App to v3.0

Phil Morse | Read time: < 1 min
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Last updated 19 November, 2021


Pioneer DJ has today announced a long-awaited update to Rekordbox for Android, taking it to version 3.0 and adding a whole host of new features to the DJ music preparation app.

With an improved user interface that mirrors the layout of the PC/Mac version of Rekordbox when in Export mode, plus a host of new features, Rekordbox for Android v3.0 is designed to make it quick and easy to prepare music for performances.

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Rekordbox for Android v3.0 allows you to preview music, hear how it will sound when mixed with other tracks, create cue points, and transfer everything to your main rekordbox library. All of this can be done one-handed on your phone.

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Rekordbox for Android v3.0 is a free download, but if you want to use it to automatically synchronise your music across multiple devices via any network from any location, you can do so by using it with Cloud Library Sync via a Rekordbox Creative plan subscription and a Dropbox account.

Learn more about Rekordbox on the Rekordbox website.

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