iLoud Precision Studio Monitors Promise Next-Gen Features & Audio

Last updated 4 September, 2022


Italy’s IK Multimedia has announced its latest monitor range, the iLoud Precision series, which along with the accompanying X-Monitor software aims to bring studio quality audio to studios and DJ practice rooms, even those which aren’t acoustically ideal.

A development from the company’s existing iLoud models, the iLoud Precision series come in two-way 5″ and 6.5″, and “MTM” (two mass-mid speakers and a tweeter per unit) designs, and offer DSP features IK Multimedia claims can’t be found anywhere else.

These include a practically flat frequency response from 36Hz to 30kHz, 96kHz internal DSP processing, class D amplification and digital crossovers, all of which the company says delivers “precise stereo imaging, crisp transients and incredible detail … a stunningly clear, revealing sound quality that’s absolutely true to life”.

Built-in environmental tuning

As per the previous MTM model, all of these new speakers feature built-in calibration, via a provided measurement microphone “from mixing room to living room”. There’s a new software app called X-Monitor, for Mac and Windows, that assists with this, and also allows emulations of the frequency and phase response from over 20 classic studio and hi-fi monitors, for easy A/B testing.

An optional remote control makes the speakers easier to tweak, and they also all come with isolation accessories to reduce vibration.

Specs and pricing

  • iLoud Precision 5 – $/€899 ea. – 5″ Woofer + 1.5″ Tweeter, 135W RMS
  • iLoud Precision 6 – $/€999 ea. – 6.5″ Woofer + 1.5″ Tweeter, 150W RMS
  • iLoud Precision MTM – $/€1,199 ea. – 2 x 5″ Woofers + 1.5″ Tweeter, 175W RMS
  • iLoud Precision Remote Control – $/€69

More info can be found at IK Multimedia website

First Thoughts

IK Multimedia has made a name for itself with its iLoud speakers. Its iLoud MTM model is our small-room favourite, and we even spotted a pair in DJ Jazzy Jeff’s studio when we filmed our last DJ course with him. Their small size, tunability and great sound means they can be found in Dolby Atmos recording and editing facilities as well as in the more traditional stereo pairs in DJ and producer studios.

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These new models are upping the ante, as well as the physical size, and definitely represent next-generation thinking as far as flexibility is concerned.

Speaker tuning for consumers is becoming more common (think Sonos Trueplay), and has been around for a while in the pro/semi-pro space too with audio processing software such as Sonarworks being used to tune headphones and speakers for both more neutral audio and deliberate colouring of sound, eg for monitor emulation, so IK Multimedia is operating in an interesting space here.

It will be fun to put these models through their paces and also to play with the X-Control software to see how convincing the results are; watch this space for more.

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