7 DJing Predictions For 2023

Phil Morse | Read time: 3 mins
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Last updated 24 January, 2023


So, it’s a new year and as we often do at this time, we’ve been chatting here at Digital DJ Tips about what we think the next 12 months may hold in the world of DJing.

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Prefer to see our live discussion on the topic? This is a recording of our Tuesday Tips Live show, where I go through the seven predictions outlined in this article, and our students, subscribers and followers talk about their predictions, too.

While we cannot share things we already know (that we aren’t allowed to tell you just yet), we can identify things we think may happen based on our knowledge of this world, and our educated guesses based on cryptic hints some of the payers in the DJ industry sometimes drop to us! So here we go…

7 DJing Predictions For 2023

  1. Pioneer DJ to launch a standalone four-channel all-in-one unit – It’s been a long time coming, and Denon DJ has had the market to itself for too long! This is one that would actually surprise us if it doesn’t happen this year
  2. Supply chain issues to finally ease – It was always going to take years not months to figure out, but we think (hope) it’ll get better as 2023 continues, with new chip factories coming online, and (here we pray as much as hope) a cessation of the wars in Ukraine and indeed elsewhere…
  3. VR and AR to take off as viable ways to experience DJs and dance music – We already have, for instance, Calvin Harris performing on TikTok, and with these services plus the "metaverse" there will be new ways to "get close" to the DJs you love – and new opportunities for us DJs to reach new audiences, over and above simple livestreaming
  4. More underground/DIY music events – As recession bites, people won’t be able to afford festivals so much, but will realise they can organise their own scenes and parties, not least because a vacuum invites it. "Bad times never sounded so good…", as the song by Annie goes, and as someone who’s launched a club and a DJ school in the grips of two separate recessions, I know first-hand how hardship can fuel creativity
  5. AI to show itself in DJing in ways we can only currently imagine – I’ve instructed the team here at Digital DJ Tips to actively explore AI this year, precisely because we’re just scratching the surface of what it can do for us. But as of now, we think we’re going to see things like: Better AI-based beatgridding, more intelligent playlisting (based on what other DJs play after any given song), auto creation of stems edits (song length, in-out sections, etc)…
  6. More high-end gear aimed at the home as much as the club – DJing is much bigger than just clubs nowadays, and as the market matures along with the DJs themselves, there will be more demand for home gear – think along the lines of the Denon DJ SC Live 4, with clever home lighting integrations, WiFi connectivity and so on. Staying in and DJing is certainly a rival to going out and DJing nowadays!
  7. Music streaming becoming more mainstream – Already Engine DJ is pushing "streaming over ownership" with certain hardware, and this will become more accepted as Pioneer DJ launches more streaming-focused initiatives, which we fully expect to happen this year. Never forget that music streaming is absolutely the mainstream for pretty much everyone except DJs by now


“The Calvin Harris Experience” premiered this January on TikTok Live, showcasing the current possibilities of virtual entertainment. Pic via EDM.

It’s our view that we need to curb rampant consumerism in the current state of the world. DJing, as with any artistic pursuit, gives us the chance to do something creative – to look inward for our satisfaction and fulfilment, not outwards (ie to the shops). Yeah DJ gear is important – and as a site and school we’ll continue to cover and teach it, but remember, ideas are the thing that’s really in short supply.

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So stoke your creative fires, have faith in your DJing achievements, and share them with the world – because one thing we can predict is that new, exciting DJing talent will shine this year, and those DJs won’t be succeeding necessarily because they’ve bought the latest gear, but more likely because of what they’ve done using the gear they already have…

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