How To Level A Turntable Using Just Its 45 Adaptor

Phil Morse | Founder & Tutor
Read time: < 1 min
Last updated 29 May, 2019

One item that isn’t much use to DJs using turntables (at least, for what most of our community uses them for nowadays, ie with DVS to control software) is the 45 adapter.

Recently we saw another use for the 45 adapter for such DJs who don’t need it for playing 7″ singles, thanks to our community member Joe Howard, who commented on one of our videos, pointing out it can be used to make sure the turntables you are using are level.


Making sure that the turntables are level help keep the needle in the groove of the vinyl – called “tracking”. Even in the age of DVS where record skips don’t matter as much, if the needle jumps a groove or two it can still cause audio stutters and/or drop outs.

How to do it

It’s simple! Place the adaptor on its side on the turntable platter. Does it roll? Adjust the feet or surface up a little in that direction. Try in other directions, adjusting as you go along. The video above makes it all clear, but it’s really a very quick “fix”. See if you don’t find yourself checking next time you’re DJing on turntables anywhere…

What do you think of this little trick? Got any others you’d like to share with us? Les us know below.

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