6 Essential Accessories For Every DJ

Last updated 26 January, 2024

So you’ve got your DJ controller or all-in-one system – what else do you need? In this video and short article, I’ll point you in the direction of some of the accessories most DJs end up buying sooner or later, so you may as well get them on your list now!

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Prefer to see this in action? Our quick talkthrough video covers all the DJ set-up accessories we recommend.

6 Accessories Every DJ Needs

  1. Speakers – Whether you go for studio monitor-type speakers, a suitable small Bluetooth/wired portable speaker that you can use anywhere, or even party PA type speakers (whether or not they double up as home speakers), you’ll definitely need some! We like speakers from Minirig, Soundboks, KRK, all good places for you to start looking
  2. Headphones – Needed for “cueing up” your music. While some DJs use “IEMs” (in-ear monitors), the vast majority use headphones. Go for “closed back” headphones, I prefer a coiled cable, and you can choose from “on ear” or “over ear”. Look at Sennheiser HD-25s or AIAIAI TMA2s as a a good starting example of both types
  3. Cables – Your DJ controller or system will probably come with some but not all cables. Audio cables will likely be a necessary purchase. Simply look at the outputs and inputs, and buy cables to match. Durable will obviously last longer, and those made by DJ TechTools are good value (they’re what we use)
  4. Microphone – If you are ever going to need to speak, you need one, and you should look for a “dynamic microphone”, because this handheld type is best at blocking out interference/feedback. The Shure SM58 is the classic, lots of good quality copies cost far less than this model though
  5. Laptop stand – If you’re a laptop DJ, a stand will raise your laptop to closer to eye level and save you hunching to read it. Look for a “U” stand that folds flat (these can usually be put into a “Z” formation too), and names like Crane, UDG Gear, Magma and Reloop have good options
  6. Covers and cases – Protect your gear! We love Decksaver acrylic covers for protecting delicate knobs and buttons, and for cases, again, UDG Gear and Magma have good ranges, with useful finders on their websites to match cases to gear for a snug fit


Man standing in studio with a table full of DJ accessories, such as speakers, bags and headphones
Take your DJ set-up beyond the absolute basics with these six crucial accessories.

There are lots of other things, from audio interfaces to mini mixers to livestreaming cameras, that DJs end up buying along the way – but we regard the above as all pretty much essential. Use our reviews and roundups to research what’s right for you, and feel free to ask any questions – we are happy to share what we and our students use.

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