6 Non-Music Ideas For Your DJ Page… & Why You Need Them

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Last updated 4 August, 2017

Wherever it is you promote yourself online, if all you’re doing is posting mixes and music, you’re missing a huge trick.

If the only thing on your DJ page is your music, you’re missing a trick, and I’m willing to bet it isn’t performing for you. Whether it’s your own website, your Facebook Page, or a bio page on a third-party site, if you want your DJ page to achieve its aim (listens, gigs, likes, replies) you’re going to have to try harder than that.

Could you imagine if you watched a commercial that sold a product by saying, “You should buy this. Have you bought this yet? Buy it now!” Or maybe even a date where they keep saying, “Wanna date? We should date! Are we dating yet?” 

What we really want is to be sold an experience, an idea or a feeling. And the best way to do it, is sometimes to not even mention the product we are selling. It can be a tricky part to marketing. It’s not about a quick cash grab, but keeping your propsects around and committed. Sometimes the best way to do that is shifting the focus… and here is how.

1. Support other artists

Sharing the music, upcoming news and exciting projects of others in your community is a smart move. Being authentic is not about preaching that you support others, but actually doing it. Going to the shows, buying the albums and sharing the news of a new release that you’re totally digging….

2. Talk about non-music related stuff

Everyone knows you’re an artist, but they can also relate to stuff like food, various activities and even strong political views. You are allowed to have more then one side to your brand. Maybe you are a fun-loving human rights activists getting involved with a fundraiser in your community, that adores her dog and loves cross training.

People love to find reliable situations with the brands they enjoy and even just find out about the person behind the music. TV shows have made a pretty penny showing the behind the scenes of celebrity lives. At least this way you have the control of what you share, and it doesn’t mean sharing every life event in the moment under any emotional reaction. A well thought-out post is the safer way to share….

3. Share information

Whether it is something helpful anyone can use, or articles and tips for other people in your community, if people know you are the go-to person with a certain topic that interests them, they will frequent your page and website.

4. Do your research

Look I don’t want you to think biting someone’s style is where it’s at, but it’s good to look around and work out what’s working elsewhere for yourself. In other words, what other people in your field are doing and why it’s working for them.

The key: “Why it is working”. What is drawing people to revisit those sites or music pages? Is it the quality content providing interesting information? Figure out how you can implement these techniques to your brand while making them your own. 

5. Brainstorm!

Got an idea? Write it down! I have notes all over my studio. It’s actually how I came up with “Kilma” and later the concept for “Don’t Kilma Vibe”. Writing down your ideas no matter how wacky and out there they might sound, often lead to the game-changing factor that sets your brand apart.

6. Get creative

So you’re an artist that specialised in graphic design? Show your art! Use you talent to create an on point press-pack and album artwork. Maybe you are all about those visuals. Create a visually appealing video to go along with your mixtape, upload it to YouTube and share on your DJ page.


Are you getting it? With so many sides to your brand and persona, you can keep people interested in not just your music but who you are and all the wonderful things you offer. It’s one of the many ways you will set your brand apart from the rest and keep people engaged and hooked on your brand. – and ultimately, that will help your online presence deliver the goods for you, whatever it is you’re gunning for.

• Kilma is a Canadian DJ, writer, and radio host on Ustream.tv. Find out more about her and connect with her via social media at her website.

What are your favourite artist website or pages, and why? Anything you’ve seen here that you do – or don’t do – for yourself? Let us know your thoughts below.

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