7 Things You Need To Know Before Buying The Pioneer DJ DDJ-FLX4

Last updated 27 July, 2023

Pioneer DJ has just launched the DDJ-FLX4, a direct replacement for its entry-level DDJ-400 controller. If you’re thinking of buying this controller, but are not sure whether it’s right for you, here is a list of seven things that we think are important to know, before you shell out your cash.

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7 Things To Know About The Pioneer DJ DDJ-FLX4

  1. It is compatible with Serato as well as Pioneer DJ’s own Rekordbox – It works out of the box with Serato DJ Lite, the free version of Serato, and if you buy Serato DJ Pro or subscribe to it, you can use it with that, too. However, some of its features don’t work as well with Serato as they do with Rekordbox, as this is primarily a Rekordbox controller
  2. It can be used with mobile devices too – It will work with iPhones, iPads, and Android phones and tablets, at least from “early 2023”, which is when Pioneer DJ will be launching a mobile-friendly version of its Rekordbox DJ app. What’s more, it’ll be able to communicate with such devices via Midi-over-Bluetooth (although it’ll still be better to use a wired connection)
  3. The microphone works for livestreaming and recording – It is routed via the USB to your computer or mobile device, so it can be heard mixed with your music, meaning you don’t need a separate mixer to achieve this
  4. It has features to help beginners, but they’re not overwhelming – It has features like “Smart Fader” (for easier transitions) and “Smart CFX” (for instantly impressive effects) – but they’re not in your face, and you can happily ignore them if they’re not for you
  5. It uses USB-C instead of the old USB-B – Pioneer DJ is, erm, pioneering this switch, and we applaud them for it. USB-C is used to connect to devices (cable included) and optionally for power, presumably when using with mobile devices
  6. The redesign from the DDJ-400 is subtle, but meaningful – It now has rounded corners, a new dark grey colour scheme, matte jogwheels for better grip, and more room around the crossfader. Evolution not revolution, but all good changes in our eyes
  7. There is now no point in buying the DDJ-400 – Unless you see it at a steal of a price, that is. Why? Because this one can do an awful lot more for the same money. It may look and feel the same, but a lot of future-proofing has been built into the DDJ-FLX4

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