Beatport Now Offers 1000 Offline Tracks For DJs

Phil Morse | Founder & Tutor
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Last updated 15 July, 2022

Beatport’s music streaming service now offers the option to keep 1000 tracks “offline”, meaning that the tracks can be played in DJ sets without the need for an internet connection.

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This is a 20-fold upgrade from the existing limit of 50 tracks, and makes the feature genuinely useful, as the 50-track limit was too limiting for most DJ purposes. As ever, to use offline tracks, DJs simply put them directly into their offline storage to download them.

According to Beatport, “DJs will now have all they need to play eclectic and extended sets at any location — no wifi-connection required.”

Worth noting, though, that the 1000-track offline mode is only for Beatport Pro users, which comes with the rather hefty fee of $30 a month – against unlimited offline mode in all plans with consumer streaming services like Spotify. Also, note that it will only work with compatible DJ systems – for instance, offline mode doesn’t work at all in Engine OS standalone integrations.

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But it’s nonetheless a great improvement and removes at a stroke one of the big objections to DJing with streaming music. And of course, Beatport also has the considerable advantages of being a dedicated electronic music platform, by DJs, for DJs, which counts for a lot.

• Find out more about their streaming service over on the Beatport website.

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