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Last updated 1 December, 2017



A Canadian DJ has come under fire for getting high on the air with an hallucinogenic herb, a move he said was intended to show the dangers of the drug.

The DJ, who goes by the name Ryder, lit up and smoked the drug salvia on his Thursday morning show on Saskatoon’s Wired 96.3 FM. He said he got the idea after a YouTube video of actress Miley Cyrus emerged showing the singer smoking it. “I wanted, needed to show people that it wasn’t just a fun party drug, that it was actually very serious,” he said.

Within minutes of inhaling, he was doubled over on the floor.

While some listeners supported the experiment, others criticised the move.

“You say you don’t do drugs, then you do them right on the air,” one caller said.

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“A message to all wannabe DJs”

This wannabe Serato DJ YouTube video made us laugh this week. Ever met anyone like this?

That Wicked Plastikman: Richie Hawtin Interviewed

In-depth interview with the techno pioneer, including his thoughts on the vinyl vs digital debate. Required reading for digital DJ/producers, from a man whose been in at the deep end for over 20 years.

Richie Hawtin Interviewed

The DJ Lifestyle and Its Toll On Your Health

A subject rarely discussed outside of the “does loud music make you deaf?” topic, but one that any DJ who wants to have long career needs to take seriously. A good, honest discussion from the Beezo Blog on the subject, triggered by real-life events.

The DJ Lifestyle and Its Toll On You Health

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