DJing Goes Bling: Pioneer & Toyota Kitsch It Up

Phil Morse | Founder & Tutor
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Last updated 4 October, 2017

Toyota iQ Disco Car
The Toyota IQ Disco Car – coming to a festival near you soon (if you live in Germany).

OK we’re not taking this trend too seriously, but both market-leading DJ equipment manufacturer Pioneer and, erm, Japanese automobile maker Toyota have announced bling DJ products this week.

As you can see here, the Toyota iQ Disco is a shiny example of 70s disco revival, packing Lambo doors, 18-inch alloys… and a 130 dB Numark DJ system complete with decks. It’s set to hit a concert festival in Cologne shortly, before touring Germany.

Pioneer HDJ1000 Gold Headphones
Are you more bling than Mr T? These Pioneer headphones may work for you.

The gold standard for headphones?

Meanwhile, usually cool DJ kit manufacturer Pioneer took its own foray into bad taste this week with the announcement of a limited edition pair of its HDJ-1000 DJ headphones in gold, that would be better suited to Mr T than DJ T.

Don’t expect to be able to buy the Toyota iQ Disco any time soon as it is just a PR stunt from Toyota Germany, but the gold limited-edition Pioneer HDJ-1000 headphones will be available from December 2010 from usual Pioneer outlets.

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