Friday Five: Bootlegs & DJ Mixes Coming Soon To Spotify?

Joey Santos
Read time: 2 mins
Last updated 25 August, 2017

In this week’s Friday Five, we’re leading with a piece by TechCrunch that looks into a deal between Sony Music and rights clearing startup Dubset that legalises remixes and DJ mixtapes on streaming sites. We’ve also got pieces from DJ Mag, Noisey, DJ Techtools, and Music Business Journal in the mix. Have a great weekend!

  1. Sony Inks Agreement With Dubset – The deal allows songs in Sony’s catalogue to be monetised whenever they appear in DJ mixtapes or mashups, bootlegs and remixes. The royalties will be split between the rights-holders (eg the songwriter) and the DJ/producer who made the mix or production. This also means that copyright takedowns in top streaming sites could be a thing of the past. Sony’s willingness to join will no doubt influence the decision of the other two remaining major labels Warner and Universal. TechCrunch has it Read more
  2. 10 Content Creation Tips For DJs – If you’ve been having enough trouble thinking of what to post on Facebook, let alone your Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat profiles, you’re not alone. Venture capitalist and “king of hustle” Gary Vaynerchuk asserts that in today’s social media-driven landscape, every single one of us has, in effect, become a media company with a direct connection to our own audiences. It’s an empowering thing, but can easily be overwhelming. Check out this guide from Hypebot for some ideas Read more
  3. Make Space In Your DJ Mix For New Tracks – You can only mix so many elements together before it starts to form an incomprehensible sonic mush. In this tutorial from DJ Techtools, Ean Golden breaks down his tricks and techniques for carving space in your DJ mix to make room for tracks that you bring in Read more
  4. Curation Is Just As Important As Content – It’s never been easier to create a tune and put it out into the world. Since there’s just so much music out there, both good and bad, casual listeners turn to “authorities” to get their music fix. Like DJs, playlist curators at Spotify and Apple Music are leading the charge in this brave new world of music streaming abundance. Music Business Journal has it Read more
  5. A-Trak Announces Goldie Awards Finalists – Turntablist/producer extraordinaire A-Trak announced a new beat and DJ battle competition a few weeks back, asking for entries from DJs and beat makers around the world. Here are 16 of the finalists who will fly out to New York for the championships this September. Noisey has it Read more

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