Welcome to the fifth of five personalised coaching videos to help you improve in the Five Elements of DJing: Gear, Music, Techniques, Playing Out and Promoting Yourself. In today’s module I’ve got recommendations for you on how you can improve your score in the Promoting Yourself category, where you scored in the high bracket on the test.


Your bonus training resources

  1. How To Build Yourself A DJ Website – Having a “core” or “hub” for your DJing life online is an essential, and it needn’t be difficult, as you’ll see in this article
  2. How To Create And Grow Your DJ Email List -Email is the hidden secret of many a successful DJ. This article shows you how you can start using it to stay in touch with your fans, too
  3. 6 Press Kit Essentials You Need Right Now – Tried and tested tips for putting together a great DJ press kit
  4. 10 Steps To Releasing Your Own Mix Album – If you’re really serious about getting noticed, releasing your own mix is a surefire way to turn heads. Be warned though, you need patience, perseverence… and deep pockets
  5. How To Promote Events & Throw Your Own Parties – An in-depth series on how to be a DJ/promoter, a great way to “book yourself” and so always have great gigs to play

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