DJ Courses

High quality online training for DJs and DJ/producers, from the world authority on digital DJing. Take a course today and join over 17,000 students in 105 countries. (Oh, and have you seen our Amazon best-selling book on DJing yet?)

Foundation Courses

If you're a brand new DJ or DJ/producer, start here. These courses assume you know nothing at all about DJing or making music. You don't even need to own any gear yet, or have any musical training or knowledge - just a desire to get started. We are the experts at training beginners.

Deep Dive Courses

Want to add to your skills? Whether it's mastering the most impressive mixing technique, cracking using your DJ software properly, learning to mix using acapellas, getting to grips with keymixing, creating your own DJ edits or making a mixtape you can be proud of, we have a laser-focused course for you.

Academy Courses

Ready to take your skills to pro level? Registering for one of our annual academy courses is the smart way to learn to the highest degree of expertise. Each interactive course is tutor-led, with live training alongside self-paced video modules. This is the best digital DJ training anywhere.