Is This DJ Helmet Even Dafter Than Daft Punk?

Phil Morse | Founder & Tutor
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Last updated 29 November, 2017

Kid Chameleon's Mac Plus Helmet
Rescued from eBay and brought back to life with the help of an iPad, this Mac Plus helmet has to be seen to be believed (video below).

So what the hell do you think is going on here? 25 years after it was released, a Mac Plus has reappeared as a unique piece of DJ headgear. Worn by DJ Kid Chameleon earlier this month at Club Phoenix in Simi Valley, California, the specially adapted Mac Plus was originally designed as part of a college course but looks like it will become world-famous thanks to a video of Kid Chameleon’s performance that night.

“Essentially, I purchased a Macintosh Plus on ebay, removed the inner parts, cut a hole in the bottom of the case, inserted the inner padding of a bicycle helmet (cut to fit), and cut a slot for an iPad to slide in,” says Terrence Scoville, the designer.

“Kid Chameleon then provided me with a sound-activated LED electroluminescent patch he had which we attached to the front of the helmet.”

Computer love

Electro DJ and producer Kid Chameleon apologised to the computer on his blog: “Hope you aren’t mad that we took you apart and made you into a cool helmet for me to wear while I DJ,” he wrote, addressing the machine.

“You were damaged already, and we wanted to do something to bring life back into you.”

Kid Chameleon – real name Matthew Loniero – is a visual designer, video editor, and audio engineer, and designed the sequences himself that are displayed on the iPad fitted inside his helmet. Here’s the video:

Kid Chameleon Intro from Phoenix 01/06/11 from Matt Loniero on Vimeo.

So have Daft Punk and deadmau5 got anything to worry about? And how do you think he sees out of that thing? Comments welcome…

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