DJ Jazzy Jeff Launches His First Ever DJ Course

Last updated 13 September, 2023

DJ Jazzy Jeff today launched his first ever DJ course, conceived and created in partnership with Digital DJ Tips, the world’s leading DJ school.

DJ Jazzy Jeff’s How To DJ Right takes nearly 40 years of DJing knowledge and experience from the Grammy Award-winning DJ, producer and artist, and distils it into one easy-to-access, easy-to-follow course, suitable for all DJs.

Jeff said: “I wanted to make a course for a long time, but it had to be with the right partner. I didn’t want it to be cheesy, and I didn’t want to miss anything out. It’s taken many months of hard work to get here, but I think we’ve done it.

“I wanted my course to teach the lot – not just hip hop, not just scratching, but instead everything it takes to be a great DJ, from music and programming to transitions and performing.

“I know what it takes to be a successful DJ, and I wanted to share all of what I know with DJs everywhere.”

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Phil Morse, for Digital DJ Tips, said: “Our students can now benefit from learning from probably the world’s most-respected and best-loved DJ, and we’ve brought all our knowledge and experience gained from teaching over 30,000 students to make sure this course is suitable for anyone.

“Whatever music you play, whatever level you’re at, whatever gear you use – whether you’re a beginner, an experienced DJ, or simply a fan of Jeff’s wanting to better understand what he does, this course is for you.

“It’s utterly unique and unprecedented, and it’s hugely exciting to launch it today.”

How To Get The Course

DJ Jazzy Jeff’s How To DJ Right is a self-paced video course, taught online, complete with tutor support. Purchasers also enjoy lifetime access to Digital DJ Tips’s “StudentHub” private Facebook Group, and to the Digital DJ Tips “StudentLive” monthly virtual classroom sessions.

Click here to learn more about DJ Jazzy Jeff’s How To DJ Right and to sign up.

The course is yours instantly, for a single payment and with no ongoing subscription or extra fees. It’s yours forever, including any future upgrades and additions.

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