DJ Jazzy Jeff Reveals New Secrets About His Mixing & Life

Phil Morse | Founder & Tutor
Read time: 2 mins
Last updated 30 June, 2022

In candid interviews, and with a special “director’s cut” DJ mix, DJ Jazzy Jeff has revealed valuable new insights into how he mixes – plus fascinating new stories about what he’s learned from his decades at the top.

It’s all included in several hours of brand-new, extra teaching material, just added to DJ Jazzy Jeff’s How To DJ Right, the successful DJ course that Jeff launched with Digital DJ Tips at the start of 2022.

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What’s been added to the course

The course already teaches in detail how Jeff approaches his music, his gear, his mixing and his gigs, and has helped thousands of DJs and fans to learn from his experiences.

But now, together with Jeff, Digital DJ Tips has added two new modules, which reveal new secrets about his mixing and the man himself. This is what’s new in the course:

  1. A “director’s cut” of the existing hour-long DJ mix within the course – The course is based on an exclusive hour-long DJ mix by Jeff, and in this new material, he talks in real time through every single transition, song choice and programming decision. It’s a whole new level of detail for DJs who really need to understand everything about how he plays
  2. A “Jeff Uncut” module of behind-the-scenes knowledge and insight – When recording the course with Jeff, the Digital DJ Tips team spent a whole week with him, and there was so much he revealed in candid, behind-the-scenes chats in-between lessons. All of those days of extra footage have been reviewed, to extract dozens of new insights, stories and teaching points, adding a whole new module of material to the course
DJ Jazzy Jeff and Steve Canueto on a video call watching Jeff perform a DJ mix and discussing
In the “Director’s Cut”, Jeff talks you through his Inspiration Mix in detail, giving deeper insight into the creative and decision making process that goes into planning and performing a set like this.

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If you like DJ Jazzy Jeff, if you want to know how to play hip-hop flavoured DJ sets that seamlessly move between all types of music, or if you just want to elevate your DJing by learning some of the tricks of the world’s greatest DJ… more than ever, you should check out the course.

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Note that DJ Jazzy Jeff’s How To DJ Right is exclusive to Digital DJ Tips, and you won’t find any of this training anywhere else, so do take a look while you’re here…

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