Glorious: A Designer DJ Booth For Your Home

Joey Santos
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Last updated 5 August, 2017

Glorious Diamond
Glorious has announced a new model in its line of designer DJ booths, called Diamond.

German furniture maker Glorious has come out with a new designer DJ booth named Diamond. The new desk features a scratch proof, high-gloss coating with stainless steel legs in a minimalist design with enough surface area to hold up to two turntables and a 14″ mixer. Leads, power cables, and other accessories can be routed and stored within the desk’s cavity, making for a very clean and impressive-looking set-up.

We wrote about Glorious last year when it released its GigBar line of designer booths, which looks like something that would fit into your home’s entertainment area or bar. This time, the company has released something that it is hoping would sit well in a living space or music room, and while it won’t help you “drop the bass” with more conviction or improve your beatmatching, it certainly would give your gear the “wow” factor in your designer pad…

Product Gallery

• The Diamond from Glorious is available in white and black finishes. Find out more at the Glorious website.

Beautiful piece of functional art, or luxurious excess? Would you want to have a centrepiece like this for your DJ studio that you’ll keep for years to come, or would you rather just have the latest bit of DJ kit? Let us know your opinion below.

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