Facebook Blocking DJs For Livestreaming Copyrighted Content

Phil Morse | Read time: < 1 min
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Last updated 30 September, 2020


We are getting reports of Facebook blocking users who repeatedly attempt to broadcast their DJ sets containing copyrighted music on Facebook Live.

While on nearly all platforms it is technically not allowed to broadcast material you do not own the copyright for, or have permission to use directly from the rights holder (ie nearly every DJ set ever played), in practise this is something that is enforced irregularly.

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But this is the first time we’ve heard of Facebook apparently actually barring someone from livestreaming at all. It remains to be seem how long these bans remain in place, or how widespread this is, and so if it’s happened to you, we encourage you to comment below so we can get a bigger idea of what’s going on.

Where should you livestream your DJ sets?

Some platforms are more lenient than others, and some “whitelist” bigger DJs, sites and partners to do exactly the thing they then discourage others from doing, so it’s no wonder then whole system seems unfair to many DJs, especially when DJ industry companies like Beatport and Serato are openly streaming publicly.

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If you are thinking of livestreaming your DJ sets, currently it appears that Twitch isn’t enforcing the rule around copyright (indeed, Serato is encouraging users to use Twitch), YouTube is alerting rights holders but often letting livestreams remain public afterwards – but Instagram, and Facebook in particular, are more problematic, Facebook being the worst.

As of last week, of course, it is possible to stream 100% legally on Mixcloud – so if you’re worried about losing access to features of your social channels or worse, may be a good idea to stream to Mixcloud, and simply use your other channels to alert your audience that this is where you’re doing it.

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