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Last updated 7 April, 2021


Staying connected and feeling normal is more important than ever nowadays, which is why we’re today reminding you of all the free, public live shows and training we bring you at Digital DJ Tips. Whether you’re after help with your DJing, want to hook up with other students and DJs worldwide, or just fancy joining us for some mixing and music once in a while, we’ve got something for you.

Of course, live training has always been an integral part of how we teach our courses, in our Digital DJ Lab membership programme, and in our DJ business coaching – but for several years now we’ve also been running public sessions weekly, which quite apart from our courses and coaching, have helped countless DJs all over the world to improve and connect with our huge community of like-minded DJs.

Our current free shows & training

Here are the sessions we’re currently running:

  1. Tuesday Tips Live – Free live lessons looking at a big piece of DJ news from the week, whether its new gear, a new service, or a skill that’s in the headlines. Ask questions, share your views, learn something new! – Tuesdays, 4pm London / 11am Eastern
  2. Friday Live Q&A – An “anything goes” live coaching session, with me and the team on hand to answer your questions about anything to do with your DJing or music production journey. If you’re stuck, let us help! – Fridays, 4pm London / 11am Eastern
  3. Sunday DJ Livestream – Join us as we spin our favourite music for an hour on a Sunday, from the home of one of the team – could be Steve from Spain, me from my balcony in Gibraltar… Get your shouts in and kick back! – Sundays, 5pm London / 12pm Eastern

How to attend

These shows are all on Mixcloud Live, Twitch, YouTube, and – all except the Sunday Livestream – on Facebook (both the Global DJ Network Public Group and the Digital DJ Tips Page). They’re also available to watch on YouTube and Facebook as replays if you miss any of them.

Make sure you subscribe/follow/like and enable notifications on your platform or platforms of choice, so we can let you know when we’re going live, and so you can comment and join in.

See you on a live show soon!

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