Friday Five: “Creative DJing Will Replace Beatmatching” – DJ Craze

Joey Santos
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Last updated 19 August, 2019

In this week’s Friday Five, we’re leading with a DJ Craze interview with DJ Mag where the legendary turntablist talks about the future of DJing in an increasingly digital world. We’ve also got pieces from Music Week, Soundfly, Resident Advisor and Billboard. Have a great weekend ahead!

  1. “Creative DJing Will Replace Beatmatching” – DMC champ and all around scratch wiz DJ Craze chats with DJ Mag on what lies ahead for DJ culture and the art of DJing in a digital and AI-driven world Read more
  2. Why DJ Streaming Is Going To Change Everything – Beatport’s CEO Robb McDaniels explains why music streaming is such a huge leap forward for digital DJing (check out podcast interview with him too). Music Week has it Read more
  3. The Art Of Production: Paula Temple – Step into the dark, gritty and industrial-sounding world of one of techno’s most forward thinking producers. Resident Advisor has it Read more
  4. Video: 15 Years Of Tomorrowland – Gracing Tomorrowland’s decks is near the top of almost every DJ’s bucketlist. Watch this 23-minute recap of the last decade and a half of one of the world’s most popular dance festival Watch it
  5. Why Producers Need To Analyse Pop Song Structures – Even if you’re making the darkest of bangers for your 5am rave slot, Flypaper discusses why common top 40 arrangements are crucial study material Read more

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