Friday Five: The Family That Raves Together, Stays Together

Joey Santos
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Last updated 4 April, 2019


In this week’s Friday Five we’re leading with a piece from the Denon DJ blog that looks at one of clubbing’s latest trends known as “family raves”. We’ve also got pieces from Mixmag, Music Radar, Silver Magazine and Soundfly. Have a good weekend ahead!

  1. The Family That Raves Together, Stays Together – Think clubbing and parenting don’t blend well together? Think again: family raves are on the rise and could be the next big thing for parents with pint-sized punters. The Denon DJ Blog has it Read more
  2. 20 Best Tracks That Sample The Amen Break – Thousands of songs have sampled this legendary drum break through the decades. Here are the absolute best according to Mixmag Read more
  3. MK’s 5 Music Production Takeaways – Longtime house producer and remixer Mark Kinchen dishes on the biggest lessons he’s learned in his career. Music Radar has it Read more
  4. The Rise Of House Music As A Great British Institution – Here’s how dance music became one of the UK’s greatest cultural movements of the 20th century, and how it continues to grow in strength. Silver Magazine has it Read more
  5. 7 Collaborative Music Making Apps – Working and producing with others has never been easier thanks to the internet, social media, and digital audio workstations. Check out these apps that make “collabs” more frictionless than ever. Soundfly has it Read more

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