Friday Five: Global Vinyl Production Threatened After Major Fire

Phil Morse | Founder & Tutor
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Last updated 14 February, 2020


In this week’s Friday five – our weekly round-up of stories from around the DJing web that have caught our eye – we’ve got bad news for vinyl lovers, The Secret DJ’s take on what makes a great DJ, and some great DJ culture throwback pieces…

  1. Global Vinyl Production Threatened After Major Fire – the plant that facilitates the production of 90% of the world’s vinyl records just went up in smoke – and the owners admit they don’t know what will happen next… DJ has it Read more
  2. The Wild Apartment Disco Party That Paved The Way For Studio 54 – David Mancuso played a pivot role in the rise of disco in New York at the end of the 70s, as The New York Post recounts… Read more
  3. Sigma: 5 Things We’ve Learned About Music Production – Musicianship is one of the most important aspects of being a successful producer, say the production duo – Music Radar has the story Read more
  4. How We Made “Free”, by Ultra Naté – It was a defining anthem of the 1990s, says the Guardian, but at the time, it was seen as a radical musical departure. Find out what happened to bring us one of the most enduring dance tracks of all time Read more
  5. The Secret DJ On What Makes A Good DJ Great – A great list of things you may never have thought of, from the ever-elusive Secret DJ, via Mixmag Read more

That’s it for this week – share any thoughts below, and see you on the other side!

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