Friday Five: What It’s Like Being A Touring DJ

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Last updated 9 August, 2019


In this week’s Friday Five, we’re leading with a piece from DJ Mag that takes a peek at what happens in the life of a professional touring DJ (spoiler: it’s not as glamorous as you think). We’ve also got pieces from The Verge, Mixmag, Music Radar and The Guardian. Have a great weekend ahead!

  1. Real Life Struggles Of Touring DJs – It’s rarely (if ever) a life filled with private jets, champagne and thousands of adoring fans going nuts. This DJ Mag piece is closer to what it’s really like Read more
  2. How The 808 Revolutionised Music – The Roland TR-808 is perhaps the most iconic drum machine of all time. Here’s how it changed pop music forever, and why we’re still obsessed with its sound 39 years later.  The Verge has it Read more
  3. Make Better-Sounding Chord Progressions – Chord inversions can breathe more life into your productions by giving you smoother chord changes that sound more “polished”. Music Radar shows you how easy they are to do Read more
  4. How Peggy Gou Became The Hippest DJ Of 2019 – DJing is about music, but it’s not just about music. Take a page from the playbook of one today’s biggest festival headliners in this feature from The Guardian Read more
  5. Make Your Home Studio Sound Its Best – DIY Musician has some tips on making your bedroom or sound good enough for mixing and producing music Read more

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