Friday Five: What Happens When The DJ Is Just A Part Of The Party, Not The Focus?

Joey Santos
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Last updated 3 May, 2019

In this week’s Friday Five, we’re leading with a piece from Mixmag on why it thinks raving is never better than when everyone at the party is “in it” together: no superstars, just people having a blast collectively. We’ve also got pieces from Magnetic Magazine, The Guardian, Pi Studios, and DJ Techtools. Have a great weekend!

  1. The DJ Should Be One Part Of The Party, Not The Focus – Approaching your set as someone who is a crucial element of a party, but not the focus, takes a load of pressure off of you and can lead to a better DJing experience. Mixmag explains Read more
  2. How To Get Signed To A Label – Magnetic Magazine shares a talk conducted by Pointblank on how land a record label deal and pick up a management contract too Read more
  3. Humans & AI Can Make Strangely Beautiful Music Together – This experimental music producer is using AI as a member of her “orchestra”. The results are a glimpse of what humans and AI can achieve when working together – so no, robots won’t replace producers any time soon. The Guardian has it Read more
  4. 2 Forms Mobile DJs Need – Our pals at DJ Techtools explain why these two documents are an absolute must for pro and mobile DJs Read more
  5. I Was There When House Took Over – Check out this documentary by Pi Studios on the beginnings of house music as told through by Nile Rodgers, legendary New York DJ Nicky Siano, and more Watch it

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