Friday Five: Why Aphex Twin Is This Generation’s Mozart

Joey Santos
Read time: < 1 min
Last updated 7 January, 2020


In this week’s Friday Five, we’re leading with a deep read from Mixmag on the enduring genius of the enigmatic Richard D James, aka Aphex Twin. We’ve also got pieces from Pitchfork, Dazed Digital, Mixmag and Resident Advisor. Have a great weekend ahead!

  1. Why Aphex Twin Is This Generation’s Mozart – There are geniuses, and then there are singular geniuses. Here’s why Aphex Twin is the latter according to Mixmag, and why his music made over three decades ago still sounds futuristic Read more
  2. The Best Music Books Of 2019 – The holidays are almost over, but you’ve still got this weekend to bury your nose in a great read. Pick one from this list over at Pitchfork Read more
  3. How Skrillex Went From Emo To EDM Hero – The dubstep phenomenon helped bring dubstep to the US masses in the first half of the 2010s, cementing the From First To Last guitarist as an electronic music legend. Dazed Digital has it Read more
  4. Dance Music Is Inclusive – Explore the queer origins of club culture and dance music in this piece from Mixmag Read more
  5. Resident Advisor’s Best Long Reads Of 2019 – If going through an entire book demands too much time (we understand!) then check out these electronic music and DJ culture reads from Resident Advisor Read more

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