Friday Five: Why Do Turntables Never Work Right In Clubs?

Joey Santos
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Last updated 1 April, 2019

Many DJs still use turntables, and that’s cool, but while they’ve always been somewhat temperamental in club environments, the situation seems to be getting worse! Resident Advisor has the full story. Plus we’ve got pieces this week from Mixmag, WeddingWire, The Guardian and CBC. Have a great weekend ahead!

  1. Why Do Turntables Never Work Right In Clubs? – Skipping tonearms, feedback hum, erratic pitch faders… the list of hiccups that have plagued DJs for decades goes on. Are DJs doomed to faulty decks forever? Resident Advisor explores Read more
  2. How To Avoid DJ Burn Out – Ever felt extremely stressed or depressed about DJing? How about feeling constantly anxious about gigs to the point that you just want to cancel them all? Be careful – you could be burning out. Mixmag has some tips to avoid that Read more
  3. 17 Wedding Songs You Need In Your Crates – Sure you’ve got the latest floorfillers that would make any afterparty pop, but do you have music for the ceremony? The bride’s walk down the isle is a crucial wedding component, so don’t get caught flat-footed. WeddingWire has the list Read more
  4. How Nightclubs Change The World – Apart from being places of entertainment where you can completely lose yourself in the music, clubs also have a social and cultural impact on the communities they’re surrounded by. The Guardian has it Read more
  5. This DJ Spins With Just His Eyes – DJ Masatane Muto was diagnosed with ALS, and while he has lost control of his hands he is able to perform at festivals using special glasses that track his eye movements. CBC has it Read more

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