Friday Five: You Don’t Need A Studio To Make Big Hits

Joey Santos
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Last updated 12 October, 2018

In this week’s Friday Five we’re leading with a piece from The Verge that looks at how Grammy-award winning producer Oak Felder, who has worked with the likes of Usher and Ariana Grande, comes up with a hit song using his laptop and a smartphone. We’ve also got pieces from Reverb, Flypaper, The Guardian and Red Bull Music Academy. Have a great weekend ahead!

  1. You Don’t Need A Studio To Make Music – Watch producer Oak Felder write and record a banger from start to finish, often using tools that are within reach of bedroom producers. The Verge has it Read more
  2. A Brief History Of The Drum Machine – This documentary from Reverb traces the beginnings of the drum machine and how its mainstream adoption left an indelible mark in dance and pop music. An added bonus is that it features Moby’s extensive drum machine collection Watch it
  3. Has 10 Years Of Spotify Ruined Music? – The Guardian explores whether the widespread adoption of music streaming has bolstered or hurt the music industry Read more
  4. How To Improve Your Mixes Using Reference Tracks – Are your productions sounding muddy or too bright? Can’t seem to get it to sound like your favourite records? Here’s a trick that will guide you in the mix process. Flypaper has it Read more
  5. The Rise Of Post-Internet Music – What is the sound of an artistic reaction? This piece from Red Bull Music Academy charts the development of forward-thinking electronic music in an “internet of things” age where digital connectivity is a way of life Read more

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