Friday Roundup: Controller Scratching Special

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Friday roundup scratching
Last updated 7 October, 2014


Scratch Roundup
To get the buzz started for the return of our week-long free scratch training course next week, this Friday Roundup is dedicated to the best scratching articles and videos out there…

This week it’s a “scratching special” on the Friday Roundup. Here are some all-time great scratching goodies from around the web…

  1. Scratching On Controllers: 5 Myths Busted – OK we’re gonna start with one of our own, basically due to popular demand! Can you really scratch with tiny jogwheels? You may be surprised…Read more
  2. What Is #RealDJing? – Find out what A-Trak’s definition of a “Real DJ” is, and how scratching can guarantee you’ll stand out. DJCity has the story Read more
  3. Let These Scratch Routines Inspire You – Check out videos that inspired our scratch course collaborator DJ Angelo, over on his blog Read more
  4. DJ Woody’s Controller Scratch Madness – Check out the funkiest and most creative scratch/controllerism routine we’ve ever seen, via DJCity Watch it
  5. DJ Craze Defines “Real DJs” – “All of these dudes are ‘Real DJs’ in my opinion because they take chances and continue to take it to the next level” Read more
  6. Vinyl Scratching On Virtual DJ 8 Now A Reality – Virtual DJ 8 is now a world-class choice for scratch DJs using a digital vinyl system. DJ Worx has the scoop Read more
  7. Upgrade Your Crossfader To An Innofader – Scratching faster than your fader can handle? DJ Techtools has a suggestion…Read more
  8. So You Want To Learn To Scratch? – Get started learning a timeless DJ skill today Read more
  9. Scratch legends the Scratch Perverts rocking CDJs – You can scratch with any DJ device, just ask the Scratch Perverts! DJ Sounds has the video Watch it
  10. Smart Scratch Practice Tips – Some tips on how to practise from Kwote Music Read more

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