Friday Roundup: Craze’s 6 Golden Rules For DJs

Joey Santos
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Last updated 5 August, 2017

DJ Craze
DJ Craze has some practical advice for both beginner and veteran jocks in this week’s Friday Roundup.

In this week’s Friday Roundup, we’ve got awesome advice from Craze on how to be your best DJ self, a look at some new Akai MPD pad controllers, and some music career lessons gleaned from spending time gardening outdoors. All these and so much more in our weekly muster of DJ news from around the web. It’s the weekend!

  1. Craze’s Six Golden Rules For DJs – A concise, practical list of do’s and don’ts for veterans and beginners alike. Number one is essential! inthemix has it Read more
  2. Disclosure On “Press Play” DJs – Coming off the massive success of their first album, Disclosure are back with a new album, and they’ve got a bone to pick with megastar, festival mainstage DJs who are just “turning up and pressing play”. Rolling Stone has the interview Read more
  3. See Akai’s New MPD Controllers – Akai’s revamped its line of MPD pad controllers, and DJ Mag has the full lineup and promo video in this piece Read more
  4. FAQs on Serato DJ and iTunes 12 – You’ve read about the havoc that iTunes has wreaked on some DJs’ music libraries. The Serato Blog points out the benefits of organising within Serato DJ Read more
  5. Can You DJ Off The Internet In A Club? – Ean from DJ Techtools takes djay Pro’s Spotify integration to task in this in-depth performance review of the app with a club-standard CDJ set-up Read more
  6. 5 Music Career Lessons I Learned From Gardening – What does having green fingers got to do with your music career? Quite a lot, according to DIY Musician Read more

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