Friday Roundup: Great Ideas For Your Valentine’s DJ Sets

Joey Santos
Read time: 2 mins
Last updated 5 August, 2017

Friday Roundup
Get those heart signs in the air and set the mood with our pre-Valentine’s roundup. Pic:

It’s that time of the year when everyone’s out spending extra hard on roses and sweets to celebrate Valentine’s Day, and DJs are no different. In this week’s Friday Roundup, we’ve found for you a list of DJs singling out their favourite sexy time soundtracks. Plus, there’s a look at dance music’s big winners at the recent Grammy Awards, and a cool little website that lets you create your own Daft Punk remix. It’s all here in our weekly muster of DJ news from around the web. Happy Valentine’s Day, folks! Stay safe 😉

  1. DJs Pick Their Favourite Valentine’s Jams – From sensual tunes to the erotic, here’s a list of songs that DJs like to get down and dirty to. Get some ideas for your own courtesy of Mixmag Read more
  2. Add Knobs To Your iPad – DJ apps on the iPad are cool and all, but there’s nothing like twiddling knobs when making EQ adjustments and doing effects. Good thing someone realised that and launched a Kickstarter campaign! Check out the finished product on inthemix (and stay tuned for our review!) Read more
  3. The Rise Of The Artist Manager – Sure, DJ/producers are making boatloads of cash in dance music right now, but you’ll be surprised to know where the buck really stops. Medium has it Read more
  4. Dance Music At The Grammys – Find out all the nominees and winners for electronic dance music at this year’s Grammy Awards. inthemix has the list Read more
  5. Novation’s Launchpad Pro Vs Ableton Push – How does Novation’s brand new flagship grid controller hold up against Live’s own Push device? CreateDigitalMusic stacks them against each other Read more
  6. Where’s EDM Headed In 2015? – Check out the latest trends and forecasts in EDM as analysed by Crossfadr Read more
  7. Remix Daft Punk On Your Qwerty Keyboard – You don’t need a suite of synths and software to remix a Daft Punk track; all you need is your computer keyboard. YourEDM has the story Read more

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