Friday Roundup: Do DJs Still Need Jogwheels?

Joey Santos
Read time: 2 mins
Last updated 6 November, 2017

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Are jogwheels just expensive coasters nowadays? DJ Worx has the debate as part of our weekly Friday Roundup of the ‘best of the rest’. Pic: DJ Worx

In this week’s roundup, the jogwheels vs no jogwheels debate rears its head again; what’s been big at Beatport for the last decade; and a prediction as to what genre might dominate the next few years. Plus, as you probably already know who 2014’s highest earning DJs are, a roundup of the lowest paid!  All this and more in our regular tour around the “best of the rest” DJing and music websites. Have a great weekend, folks…

  1. Do DJs Still Need Jogwheels? – Are jogwheels really necessary, or are we just having a hard time moving on? DJ Worx continues the long-running debate… Read more
  2. Five Steps To DJ Enlightenment – Marcel Dettman reiterates the keys to DJ greatness – and if you think any of them are to do with the gear you use, you may be surprised… Check them at XLR8R Read more
  3. Beatport’s Top Selling Genres: What, No EDM!? – Take a look at definitive Beatport music stats from the last decade over at Mixmag (by the way, we think EDM is lumped in with Electro…) Read more
  4. EDM Is Making Open Format DJs Rich – Multimillion-dollar EDM pop stars are doing something strange: They’re making non-EDM DJs wealthy. Forbes has the story Read more
  5. Numark NV Controller Hands On – DJ Tech Tools serves up its first-hand account of Numark’s latest dual screen-wielding controller Read more
  6. Is High Resolution Music The Best Audio Format? – While a hi-res audio file stores more of a song’s musical information and data, does it actually sound better? The Guardian takes hi-res to task Read more
  7. What’s the Next Big Dance Sound Going to Be? – What genre is in line for dance music’s throne? YourEDM has an educated guess… Read more
  8. How To Enjoy Dance Music – Is there a proper way to enjoy dance music? Were things really better 20 years ago? Crossfadr gives us its two cents Read more
  9. 2014’s Lowest Paid DJs – Whatever happens, don’t be that DJ in this list’s number one spot! Thump gives us the rundown Read more

Are you keen on letting go of jogwheels? Did you happen to see yourself in Thump’s lowest paid list? If you want to talk about any article in this roundup, go ahead and do so in the comments section below!

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