Friday Roundup: Female DJs, Paul Van Dyk, Rave Cops, Best of 2013

Phil Morse | Founder & Tutor
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Last updated 8 November, 2017

Find out how Paul Van Dyk uses social media to propel his DJ career forward, in one of the articles featured in today’s Friday Roundup.

The holidays have given us more time to kick back, fire up our devices and browse the big wide web, and we’ve found some crackers for you (pun intended) this Christmastime. So read on for news on rave cop cat’n’mouse, female DJs, social media building advice, and lot of goodies from our friends over at DJ TechTools. Enjoy, see you next week for our first Friday roundup of 2014…

  1. UK Rave Cops Mobilise To Keep Clubbers Out Of The Countryside – The decades-long clampdown against free parties continues in Britain… Read more
  2. Who Cares If She’s Hot Or Not: Is EDM Getting Better For Women? – Crossfadr looks at, arguably despite the likes of Paris Hilton, whether EDM is becoming a more egalitarian place for women DJs. Read more
  3. How Paul Van Dyk Built His Social Media Profile – Lessons for any DJ looking to get their name out their on Facebook, Twitter et al…Read more
  4. Best Of 2013 On DJTechTools – The respected controllerism site rounds up its most shared and read articles from the past 12 months. Read more

Feel free to comment on any of these stories below. Happy reading!

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