Friday Roundup: Eek, iTunes 12 Is Coming!

Joey Santos
Read time: 2 mins
Last updated 6 November, 2017

iTunes 12
Apple has got iTunes 12 out to developers, but has it addressed issues that have irked some long-time users, especially since 11?

In this week’s Friday Roundup, news that iTunes 12 will soon be with us (anyone remember how iTunes 11 split the DJ community?), a great example of why you need to develop your DJ skills and artistry more than ever, a great house music history lesson, and a dance craze that goes back long before EDM! All this in more in our weekly roundup of the best bits from around the DJing web. Have a great weekend…

  1. New iTunes Beta Available – Didn’t warm to iTunes 11? You’ll be pleased to know that iTunes 12 touts a new design, but have they improved on the user experience? Apple Insider gives us a vague but first look at some of the new features Read more 
  2. Everyone’s A DJ, And It’s Only Going To Get Worse – Barriers to entry have never been lower for aspiring DJs, so it’s even more crucial to develop your sound and artistry to get respect. This article – which we disagree strongly with – shows exactly the attitude talented young digital DJs are battling against Read more
  3. Dance Music 101: From Disco Demolition To The Warehouse – In this second part of DJ Mag’s ongoing dance music origins series, find out how house music evolved after disco got shunned by the masses Read more
  4. Club-Ready In Five Steps – As producing music becomes increasingly expected of DJs these days, XLR8R talks to Dusky and asks the duo for five tips on how to make your productions ready for the floor Read more
  5. Shuffling: The Early 20th Century Hustle – Factmag has a short video on the current British underground dancing craze that’s actually far from new… Watch it
  6. Your CDJ Primer – Which is the right Pioneer CDJ for you? If you’re thinking of going this route, DJ Techtools gives a rundown of all current CDJ models with facts you need to know for making an informed choice Read more
  7. Festival Crashing: The Movie – Yes, sneaking into music festivals can be a career! Marcus Haney is a 26-year-old with an extraordinary story to be told in his own documentary. Inthemix has it… Read more
  8. DJ Kit at Summer NAMM 2014 – A quick roundup of some DJ gear by Clubplanet that made an appearance at this year’s Summer NAMM Read more
  9. Pete Tong Reveals His Hot Tunes – Pete Tong guested on Reddit’s AMA (Ask Me Anything) and reveals much about his preferences and predicts fast-rising acts to watch out for. Check it out on Inthemix Read more

Want to comment on any of the articles here? Have you tried to set yourself apart from the rest of the digital DJ crop to prove the doubters wrong, and if so, how? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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