Friday Roundup: Could This Be The Summer Of Disco?

Phil Morse | Founder & Tutor
Read time: 2 mins
Last updated 13 November, 2017

Daft Punk Get Lucky
Is Daft Punk’s superstar disco-influenced album about to spearhead a revival?

We’ve been hard at work talking to dozens of you guys at length this last week as part of the research for our forthcoming pro DJ course – but we haven’t failed to notice that there’s a distinct feel of disco in the rapidly warming summer air right now.

With the release of Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky” spearheading this summer’s now almost-inevitable disco revival, we thought for this week’s round-up we’d point you to some posts around the web that, inspired by the Daft Punk song, dig deep into the sound that gave house/EDM etc the permission to exist…

  1. Could This Be The Summer Of Disco? – A UK-centric look at how disco united people first time around, and how in these dark times, it may just be the thing to unite us all over again. Summer of Love 2013, disco-style anyone? “Rather than let the bastards grind you down,” Vice Magazine argues, “why not just turn the lights off, shut your eyes and play music so loud you forget the bastards even exist?” Read more
  2. Nile Rodgers Beginners Guide – From Chic to Madonna to Daft Punk, Nile Rodgers and his instantly recognisable guitar sound has underpinned so much of the groovier side of dance music over more than three decades. Discover why in this list of his greatest hits, from the UK’s Guardian newspaper. Good stuff always come around again, and if you take Vice magazine’s advice, turning some of those early Chic hits up loud may do the same for you… Read more
  3. Disco Now Disco Then – A wonderful DJ who’s been spinning more or less long enough to remember disco first time around, Greg Wilson knows a thing or two, and here he pens a lengthy article on his own blog dissecting disco’s roots, and jumping back and forth across the Atlantic as it does so to explain the great debt the UK owes to the US, and vice versa. A special friendship indeed. Read more

Do you think Daft Punk will spearhead a summer of disco? What a delicious irony it would be if the long-awaited EDM backlash is at the hands of live musicians and disco! Please share your thoughts in the comments.

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